Sunday, March 7, 2010


My latest quilt pattern is named "Royal", he is (was) my own horse who I rescued from the meat market at three years old and who now has a wonderful home here in Montana with a very adoring "Mom". Patterns will be available in the spring at Bigfork Bay Cotton Company or


LuAnn Kessi said...

Hi Toni,
What a wonderful sense of movement as Royal jumps out over the borders of the quilt.
Don't you just love it when your animals inspire your textile art!

Spring has arrived in Oregon and life is good.

LuAnn in Oregon

teenie said...

That's amazing! I'm assuming that it's fusible applique?

Keri Mills Photography said...

So I realize you will probably say no, but... would you sell one already made, but personalized a little? This horse looks almost like my daughters horse except his star looks like an arrow head with a 'c' curve on one side, his mane is a bit darker, and he doesn't have white socks. I almost bought the kit, but know I will never finish it, and my daughter absolutely loved it! I could send you a picture of the horse.

Kelli Dillon said...

I would love to buy this quilt. It looks just like my horse.

Debbie Martin said...

What a beautiful quilt. I would love the pattern. Could not find it at big fork website. Any suggestions? Thank you for your time.